SSL configured incorrectly for nested subdomain


I am setting up nested subdoamin for our site ( and we’re facing similar issue as this

We plan to have branch deploys for each release similar to, so we need a wildcard for the olm subdomain, i.e * for our site

Looks like Netlify DNS was supposed to do that automatically and the issue filed previously mentioned filing a bug for it, but doesn’t look it’s been fixed yet.

Hi, @anik120, it was the same issue and I’ve applied the workaround to the site so the SSL certificate is working (and will continue working) now.

I’ve also added this topic to the open issue for this and we’ll post an update here if/when the issue is known to be fixed.

In the meantime, please let us know (here or with new topics) if you see this again. We can fix it manually if you let us know about it.

Thanks @luke looks like we have the required certs for now.


Hey there! We’re pleased and happy to let you know that we took care of the bug that initially created these problems :tada:

If you need anything else relating to this, please let me know!