SSL Certs for custom subdomain

Hi Folks,

I have six sites that I’m working on transitioning over to Netlify. I have them all setup and deployed with branches as well. I’d like to setup SSL certs for those custom subdomains per this article: ///

These are the sites in question with their respective branched subdomains that we’d like to get SSL certs for:

NOTE: The triple slashes were to get around the six link maximum per post for new users.

Please let me know if more information is needed or if I should be requesting this in some other forum.

Thank you,


This is the right place to ask! But, you need to follow the instructions here:

Specifically, we can only make hostnames that:

  • match the pattern branchname.yourprimarycustomdomain . So for the first site, that is (branch is called “development”, not “dev”, and primary custom domain is - and… as well).
  • that you’ve already set up DNS for using those hostnames. I checked out “” and the destination was correct, just need to change the name to match the above pattern.

Let us know when you’ve made those changes, and we’ll get things added!

Okay, I actually changed all my settings and DNS configurations to match my original request. Can we proceed with that?

Thank you!


Hey @eugenef, we got all those certs created for you! Please let us know if you run into issues.

All the sites look good. Thank you so much!