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SSL Certification hasn't been provisioned yet

Provisioning certificate for site “some2021” is taking more than 24 hours. Hoping to submit my website to a competition by this Sunday!

Hi @elijah

Are you referring to https://some2021.netlify.app/? SSL is working on this site. All netlify.app sites have SSL enabled automatically by default.

I’m actually referring to a custom domain I linked yesterday. http://beautifuldatascience.com.

There are two possibilities I can think of

  1. DNS changes have not yet fully propagated (at least two DNS servers I can see are not showing Netlify NS records but rather AWS records.)
  2. Your DNS is not configured properly. Your records should look like this, with no CNAME or A records (unless you are setting up a sub-domain e.g. blog.example.com somewhere else.)

Thanks, I’ll try this out.

My Netlify DNS looks identical to yours, and according to the Domain > HTTPS site settings page, my DNS configuration has been updated:

Still no dice on the certificate.

You seem to have erroneously enabled our DNS hosting, but are not using it. You use Route53:

% whois beautifuldatascience.com | grep -i "name server"
   Name Server: NS-1467.AWSDNS-55.ORG
   Name Server: NS-1849.AWSDNS-39.CO.UK
   Name Server: NS-214.AWSDNS-26.COM
   Name Server: NS-721.AWSDNS-26.NET

This article explains how to resolve this situation:

This configuration will 100% block us getting an SSL certificate for you, since we use a different type of query (DNS based) when you claim to be using our DNS hosting, which you are, intended or no. Deactivating our DNS hosting should allow the certificate to get provisioned (assuming you want to keep your DNS at Amazon). You’ll do this at the URL:


…as demonstrated in the bottom picture in that article I linked above.

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