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SSL Certification for Branch Deploy


I recently configured a branch deploy for qa.studentz.ca, but I’d like this to be SSL certified. Would you be able to do this for me?


Hi @JasonYG,

Your apex domain’s DNS is still not correctly configured. Till that’s not done, we cannot provision certificate for the branch subdomain.

The problem is these invalid A records:

Hey, thanks so much for the insight! I removed the A records from my DNS configurations. Are you able to provision the branch subdomain certificate now?


Hey there, @JasonYG :wave:

We still cannot provision a certificate at the moment. This is because that would be the branch subdomain on this site: Netlify App (since this site has studentz.qa set up as custom domain.)

Are you intending for the certificate to be for this site: Netlify App?

Please double check what you are looking for and that everything is set up correctly, and let us know.