SSL certification extension

Hi I’d like to request an extension of an SSL certificate on a site for two branch deploys.

Seems like if you add those branches as domain alias for a time, then remove them, it will also remove the previous SSL that was set up for the branch deploys?

I have confirmed the DNS records are populated correctly with nslookup.

I would prefer the site not to be publicly known currently, if someone could message me I could provide the required information.



domain aliases and branch deploys are handled differently, yes. If you remove the domain from the domain settings, we will remove it from the certificate.

You are welcome to send us the API ID (from the site settings page, near the top) of the site instead of the sitename, but we need to know the branch(es) you have set up DNS for already for us to add the certificate as well. The API ID for a site is not something that will help anyone else and is not secret.

We’ll see your response on monday and be able to get things configured for you then.

Makes sense.

The API id is 35195bc0-6d62-4ed0-98f8-d67a34f8982e and the branches are ‘dev’ and ‘staging’.

Thanks and have a good weekend!

Got those added for your! Have a great week!