SSL Certificate unable to renew

Is it possible to remove my current certificate and create a new one? My current one is not renewing because I changed my primary address from to I do not mind waiting the extra few hours for the certificate to be created.
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Hey @JonathanL,

You should be able to self-serve this by:

  • Visiting
  • Choose your site
  • Select ‘Domain Settings’ and scroll to ‘HTTPS’
  • Select ‘Renew certificate’

Let me know how you do!

Hi again @JonathanL,

I’ve just taken another look at this. It would appear that the rate limit for certificate requests has been hit.

As this cannot be circumvented, there’s two options right now: wait it out until the certificate is re-issued once the rate limit period lapses or revert to the non-WWW domain for the time being.

Hey @Pie

This is where the error is located. I have tried to renew this certificate multiple times but this keeps resulting in the following error:

Problem has been resolved!

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