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SSL certificate not working for custom domain

I’ve added a custom domain (deborahcooper.com.au) to my site deborahcooper.netlify.app.

Issue: the SSL certificate issued doesn’t appear to reference the custom domain name, just Netlify.
Hence https://deborahcooper.com.au/ is showing ‘Warning: Potential security Risk’.

" This server could not prove that it is deborahcooper.com.au ; its security certificate is from *.netlify.app .

https://www.deborahcooper.com.au/ is fine, secure.

I’ve had a look at the certificate and it only shows netlify.app under DNS Name.

I believe the CNAME and A records with my DNS manager are pointing to Netlify correctly as per the docs, but the A record wasn’t initially showing in the Netlify UI, and I guess the SSL was issued prior?

I’ve tried renewing the SSL cert to no avail - I think I may have exceeded the 5 renewals prior to realising there was a limit with Let’s Encrypt :frowning:

I’m new to the world of DNS so apologies in advance! Appreciate your help :slight_smile:


Hi @Wengerism,

Your certificate needed a renewal, I’ve done it from our end. You’re now good to go.

Many thanks, appreciated :slight_smile: