SSL Certificate not renewing with branch subdomain (external DNS configured)

Site name: (default is
Problematic branch:

I’ve set up a second branch subdomain and I’m struggling to get the SSL cert to renew with the new subdomain. I’ve tried renewing multiple times.

I’ve already done this once before with, which works great. The DNS setup is identical, so it should be ok.

Please help if you can.


Hi @luke - sorry for pulling you into this without prior conversation, but I’ve noticed that you respond to the other threads like this.

As far as I can see, the next step here is for me to contact you and you do magic in the backend to fix it, or is there something else I can do here?


Hey @otterbotter, give it a spin now! I’ve added this branch subdomain to your cert.

Thanks a ton @Pie!

Works like a charm now.

Happy to have this relieved :slight_smile:

All the best.