SSL Certificate not applied

Hello people,

I have created a netlify app, assigned it a custom domain and changed the nameservers at the domain provider, to point to netlify’s nameservers. I have also changed the A records IP address for “” and “” to point to your IP address, which is “”. I have waited more than 24 hours, and there is still no SSL Certificate applied to my site. What could be the problem?

hi there, i see that the site is hosted on us, but i am not sure why you don;t have an SSL cert.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings please?

A records settings: 600 600


NS 1
NS 2
NS 3
NS 4

Hi, @christaylor, DNSSEC is enabled for this domain name but Netlify DNS doesn’t support DNSSEC.

The two solutions for this are:

  • disable DNSSEC for this domain name


If there are questions about either solution, please let us know.

Thank you, disabling the DNSSEC fixed the issue. :ok_hand:

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