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SSL Certificate need for sub domain

I would like to get an ssl certificate set up a development sub domain. I have verified nslookup for the domain.




ARG! Typo in domain name. Needed domain is

Sorry about that,

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Hi, @bhall2001. This is a bit of a long reply so here is the tl;dr:

Delete the DNS zone below and reply back, reply here to tell us it is done, and then we’ll extend the SSL certificate to include this subdomain.

Okay, here comes the long version.

There is an inactive Netlify DNS zone here which must be fixed first ( and 99% of the time this means deleting it):


There is more about why this causes issues here (and you certainly don’t need to read that guide but if you are curious please feel free):

You can see the real name servers used in the WHOIS data (or using a recursive lookup of the NS records starting with the TLD name severs). An examples using whois (and filtered with grep) can be found below:

$ whois ondeckmanager.com | grep -i "name server"
   Name Server: NS-1078.AWSDNS-06.ORG
   Name Server: NS-1777.AWSDNS-30.CO.UK
   Name Server: NS-40.AWSDNS-05.COM
   Name Server: NS-706.AWSDNS-24.NET
Name Server: ns-1078.awsdns-06.org
Name Server: ns-1777.awsdns-30.co.uk
Name Server: ns-40.awsdns-05.com
Name Server: ns-706.awsdns-24.net

This shows Route 53 is used for DNS and that is okay. You can keep using Route 53.

The inactive Netlify DNS zone above is literally the only blocker. You can safely use the “Delete DNS zone” button on that page. I say “safely” because (as the WHOIS data shows) the zone at Netlify isn’t being used and, therefore, deleting it won’t change any current DNS settings at all.

I also see you have already created the required DNS record:

dev.www.ondeckmanager.com. 60	IN	CNAME	dev--keen-ritchie-2146a3.netlify.app.

I also checked and confirmed that all the requirements for the “branch deploy feature without Netlify DNS” are already met. Only the inactive DNS zone is blocking this.

To summarize, if you delete the DNS zone above and reply here, our support team will be able to update the SSL certificate. No other changes are needed besides deleting the unused DNS zone at Netlify.

I have deleted the dns zone.


Hi @bhall2001,

SSL has been provisioned.

Thank you!!!