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SSL cert can't be generated with A record on subdomain

Hello! I can’t seem to get an SSL certificate issued to my domain. I believe it is because I have an A record pointing to the Netlify instead of a CNAME record. However, I can’t use a CNAME record because I am also using MX records on the subdomains, and CNAME and MX records can’t coexist.

So far, I can access the site fine at both http://oly.hackclub.com and https://olyhackclub.netlify.app, but the certificate can’t be issued to the custom domain.

  • site-name: olyhackclub
  • custom domain: oly.hackclub.com
  • My DNS as of now:
    # ... other subdomains ...
    - ttl: 1
      type: A
    - ttl: 1
      type: TXT
      - v=spf1 include:spf.improvmx.com ~all
    - ttl: 1
      type: MX
      - exchange: mx1.improvmx.com.
        preference: 10
      - exchange: mx2.improvmx.com.
        preference: 20
    # ... other subdomains ...

I understand the desired record type is a CNAME for subdomains, but due to my situation this can’t work. Is there a way to have an A record with an SSL cert?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @colewilson,

I can see that you’ve managed to solve the problem by using Netlify DNS. Are you still seeing the issue?

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Look’s like I just needed to wait a little longer. Thank you!

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