> src/app.html is missing %svelte.head%

A recent update to Sveltekit required changes to src/app.html. We needed to replace %svelte.head% with %sveltekit.head%. When I deploy an updated site to Netlifty then get the following error:

src/app.html is missing %svelte.head%

I am using the Netlify adapter. Any suggestions? Right now I just remove kit and then deploy.

Welcome to the forums @nipponedge

The adapter is not maintained by Netlify, it is maintained by the Svelte maintainers. This question is better suited to the SvelteKit Discussions.

However, if src/app.html is file within the repository (such as this template) I guess you could easily edit it.

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Yes, I forgot to upgrade both @sveltejs/adapter-netlify and @sveltejs/kit. After the upgrade I was able to build the site.

Thanks for coming back and letting us know. Happy building :rocket:

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