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Spurious CNAME being generated by netlify?

I have Netlify managing the DNS for my website https://tdhopper.com that is hosted on Squarespace because I have a bunch of subdomains running on Netlify.

I am not able to get https://www.tdhopper.com to work with squarespace because they say my DNS is configured incorrectly.

I have the following CNAME record set up in Netlify:


3600 seconds



And I can see this record with dig www.tdhopper.com CNAME.

However, in the Squarespace console, they say I have 3 CNAME records. The correct one (above) as well as and I have no idea how squarespace sees these but dig doesn’t (or Google Admin tools).

It seems like these are probably Netlify IPs, but I don’t have them set up as CNAME records in my config at Netlify App.

Can anyone help me figure out what is going on?

Those are A records and Dig and Admin Tools see it too:

With your current configuration, I think you should move away from Netlify DNS and point individual subdomains to Netlify.