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Sporadically seeing "Site Can't Be Reached"

Hello, Our site is not loading. When we visit lantern.co in the browser, we just see the message that the “site can’t be reached” with no clear way of understanding what is happening.

If I clear the cache and hard reload the window, the site loads, but then if I refresh again, i get the same error. I check with our DNS provider, GoDaddy and things look ok from their end. Any ideas on what could be going on?

Hey @sbsmith86,
Sorry for the trouble here! On our end, we’re not seeing any systemic issues with network requests. I checked our logs for your site and only saw 3 5xx HTTP responses in the last 24 hours. In terms of next steps, could you please send a screenshot of the error you’re seeing? A HAR file would also be a big help- this page explains what the file is and how to get one: HAR Analyzer

I’ve also created a ticket for you in our helpdesk- let’s continue the conversation there!

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Thank you for your response.

Here is a screenshot of the issue. Also a HAR file is attached!

Where can I get to the helpdesk ticket?

Having troupble, uploading the HAR file, but maybe you can send me a link to the helpdesk ticket? @jen

Hi @sbsmith86 :wave:

Your helpdesk ticket should be in your email inbox that is associated with your Netlify account. Is that where you checked?