Split testing with Nuxt3 breaks paths to CSS and JS

I encountered an issue while conducting a 50% split test. I discovered that JavaScript and CSS are not loading for half of my website visitors.

Here’s an example deployment that works perfectly fine until I initiate the split test:

Please take a look at the attached image titled “split-error” (shown below) for further clarification.

As a result, I am hesitant to proceed with the split test to avoid causing any disruption to my users.

I used split testing previously with Nuxt2 and it worked very well.
Please advice what can be done to fix this issue, split testing is very important for our product.

It appears that Split Testing is off. We would need that to be on to test this.

I don’t want to turn it on, because it’s live and there are users =)

Maybe I can create another repository to reproduce the issue.