Speed up build time with large media?

:wave: Hey! I’m using Gatsby, Netlify CMS, and Netlify Large Media to create essentially a self hosted podcast site. Each episode also has a PDF with it. While developing the site everything is great, then I took the jump to upload a few gigabytes of past episodes and PDFs. Locally with gatsby develop it is incredibly slow spending a eight minutes on “source and transform nodes”.

Is this a limitation of gatsby? Is there anyway to “lazy build” those files since they are not going to be used while I’m developing the site 99% of the time?

More context: I’m doing the first 4 things listed here.

Gatsby is known to be one of the slowest in ‘building’ the websites as far as I know. So, I’d expect this to be normal. I had some 300 PNG images of 512 * 512 px size and generating image thumbnails used to take 15 mins or so too. So, when you’re talking about GBs of data, I might consider it normal.

However, in my case it was because Gatsby actually had to process the images. But, I don’t think it’s processing your PDFs and audio. So, I can’t really comment if it really should take that long or no, but,it might.

That’s my 2 cents. But, you’d get more information about this on Gatsby repo itself other than Netlify forums is what I feel.

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