Spam and deleted entries count towards File uploads quota


I had a user upload a really large file, twice on one of my forms. It was spam, but I imagine by a real user, since it was a real picture…

I have tried moving the submission to spam and deleting it but neither worked in changing the “File uploads: Usage from Sep 27 to Oct 27”.

I don’t want to go over this limit and be charged when Netlify limits me from setting a maximum file upload size.

I have been using netlify forms fine on many sites until this problem…

Please advise
Thank you

Hey there, @soneji :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear that this has been happening.

Can you please share your Netlify site name with us? Additionally, have you previously set up any spam filters on your form site? Enabling reCAPTCHA and the honeypot field would be my first two suggestions for form spam prevention.