Some visitors to my site aren't able to access it - their firewall is blocking access

I’m getting a lot of feedback that visitors can’t access my site while on their organizations network.
Works fine if accessing from a mobile network or on/off a VPN that isn’t using overzealous filtering.

I don’t have the overhead to troubleshoot each visitors issue, and frankly, this doesn’t happen on any other service i use except Netlify. I’m assuming (and this is based on reading other forum posts) that Netlify uses random IP addresses across a global delivery network, some of which are going to be on a blacklist that are blocked by some of the more common IT company filtering.

Are there any options around this that can be done on my end?

My Netlify Subdomain
My primary domain
My DNS is pointed to Netlify

Hi there! Unfortunately we can not make any changes regarding how firewalls might handle our IP’s, so you would have to reach out to the IT network to request they allow sites using our IP’s. I’m sorry we can’t be more helpful!

Hi! Thanks for the confirmation on that. Unfortunately I’ll have to move to another provider for live sites, as the number of rejected access cases are just too many to justify sorting out for each of them. Maybe something that can be addressed in the future with static IPs or something more reliable.

Thank you!