client is not connecting (socket backend on another server)

I have frontend on Netlify and my backend on another server. The problem is that when creates a polling request the connection is not made (status: (blocked:mixed-content)). When I’m manually trying GET from browser http://domain:port/ then I get a response. And when I’m testing with tools eg. Firecamp I’m also able to connect.

Is this something specific to netlify that connection is not allowed or this is still a thing on my end?


That was a problem with HTTP. Added SSL and now works.

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Thanks for sharing the solution, @chanar.

@chanar You can use rejectUnauthorized: false to allow connection even if you use https. This option simply bypass the SSL authentication.

const socket = io( "", {
  "rejectUnauthorized" : false

In Firecamp, you can find this option under config tab.

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