Slow to serve JS build files (6+ secs)

I’m running the frontend to the site on Netlify. It’s a very small React client, with a separate Linode handling the DB/data. It’s built in Next.js and served as static HTML (unsurprisingly).

I noticed my page load times didn’t seem quite right for the size of the pages, with long flashes of unstyle text and multi second waits for page ready.

Running Chrome Dev Tools from here on an otherwise good connection, over ethernet, I found that the JS build files were taking between 3.21 and 6.39s to be served. Largely due to multi second TTFB, with the actual downloading being as expected. The largest is 41kb, the rest are below 10kb in size.

I’ve attached a .HAR file. Is there an issue on Netlify’s side, or am I being stupid and missed a setting? This feels like an issue somewhere, given how small the assets are – by comparison my Linode mini backend is serving the 120KB header image asset in 100ms.

Coming back to this two days later: this persisted for around 24 hours, until it seemed to resolve itself. I’ve even pushed/created new builds and those files are being served quickly now, so it wasn’t a case of needing to wait for the files to be cached.

Fixed anyway!

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great. glad it is working. if you keep seeing performance slowdowns, please let us know!