Slow performance with netlify dev

I’m not exactly sure when, but about a week or so ago, I noticed my local environment was responding pretty slowly to requests. My repo, GitHub - cfjedimaster/raymondcamden2023: The new, *new* repository for my blog., is an Eleventy site. Locally (and not committed to GitHub), I use an .eleventyignore file that ignores 95%+ of my content to make things run quickly when Eleventy is building out.

At some point, like I said, roughly a week ago, I noticed that while I navigated from page to page with my site running via netlify dev, page loads were taking around 10 seconds or so. I then noticed this seemed to apply to everything, even loading in a CSS file.

In production (, I don’t have this issue at all, and if I skip netlify dev and just run Eleventy, things work fine. I’m also running the latest version of the CLI.

Any possibilities come to mind?

As a quick note, this is only an issue on Windows (WSL). On my Mac, it runs perfectly.,

Hi are you still experiencing this issue ? If so can you please attach a HAR file?

Still having it. Attached.
localhost.har (1021.9 KB)

Hi, @cfjedimaster. I opened a support ticket for private sharing of troubleshooting data and I see you have replied there already. We’ll follow-up in that support ticket.