Slow CDN on my game

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Been using Netlify for months for my games website, however since yesterday, then CDN has become extremely slow on loading files. Was wondering if theres been any network issues?

Hey there, no issues to report. If you can provide a x-nf-request-id, we can dig a little deeper. :slight_smile:

Hi my ID is


I checked console logs on my site, and it seems one of the css files is failing to load

Displays a cloudflare error 522

Its strange as loads fine but errors.

I usually do css?numbersetc for version control, never had an issue before

Ah, seems like you’re proxying to us from CloudFlare. Here’s why you shouldn’t! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Ah ok, Ive never had an issue beforre doing this, was curious as to why it just happened now

I’ve noticed an uptick in reports of this. However, it’s always going to be tricky pinning down an issue when proxying between two providers.

Although I’m looking in to this, our stance is pretty clear: we are unable to effectively support configurations where you are proxying to Netlify from another service.

Ah ok thanks for that, ill remove cloudflare for now then!

I actually use it on all my sites on netlify, but it only affects this one specific site lol

Hey @Mistik,

Turns out that a suite of Cloudflare IPs were banned by us yesterday in response to an incident which could explain the sporadic nature of the impact. This can and will continue to happen; just one of the difficulties when proxying to Netlify from another CDN!

@Scott I’m guessing there’s an interesting story here.


Me too :smirk:

+1 for not double-proxying CDNs though :grimacing:

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