Skipping CDN file diff

Hi, @mjgs. If you want to deploy to Netlify, all of the files must be checksummed for every deploy. That is a hard requirement and there are no exceptions. It is only a matter of choosing where to do so (our systems, your local system, GitHubs systems, the build system of a third-party CI/CD service, etc.).

About triggering builds, the short answer is that there are two ways to deploy:

  • a build & deploy in the Netlify build system
  • a manual deploy

The manual deploy process itself can be done in the following ways:

  • use the Netlify CLI tool (your current method)
  • “drag and drop” in the Netlify UI
  • direct API access (using the either custom code or the Netlify javascript client)

However, without exception, all methods listed above require that the SHA1 checksum of every single file in the deploy is calculated and sent to our API. There is no workaround to remove this requirement. The following is always true and will never change (based on my understanding of the design of our API and internal architecture):

  • All files must be checksummed for all deploys. Every file. Every deploy.

If you build & deploy at Netlify, the build system here calculates the checksums. With the CLI tool, it calculates the checksums (in your case on servers controlled by GitHub). For drag and drop, the client side javascript in the browser makes the checksums. With direct API access, the calculation of the checksum is again done by the client. (Note, the API also checksums the uploaded files to make sure they match.)

To summarize, there is no way to avoid calculating these checksums. You can choose where to do it but it must be done to deploy.