Sites failing to load?

My site ( is failing to load — deploy previews load fine but as soon as I try to load the main site, either via my domain or via the subdomain, times out.

I also tried to clear my build cache but now Yarn fails to download too, if that’s helpful for diagnosis:

8:54:25 AM: curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 522
8:54:25 AM: [2/2]: --> /tmp/yarn.tar.gz.wVW383U6Vc
8:54:25 AM: .asc

I see a few others are having this problem:


I’m having the same issue with 2 sites hosted with Netlify. Long loading time and intermittently not loading.

I’m also having the same issue this morning. Glad I’m not alone.

re: my Yarn problem, it seems like is hosted with Netlify (behind Cloudflare, but still loading intermittently) which would explain that!

I’m definitely not complaining about downtime on my 100% free site but I hope their site (and Netlify’s own site, by the way) comes back soon :wink:

Saw this with my site off and on for several hours earlier today.

I’m getting insanely variable response times, when I hit a ‘good’ request it’s great perf (<300ms) but most of the time we’re talking 6-12s for TTFB. :tired_face: I’m not sure what’s going on - Netlify Status being all green and our service being this rough scares me.

I reported having this same issue several weeks ago. It’s an ongoing problem for me, too.

Are there any debugging options available? I’m just kind of stuck with brutally slow page loads here. It’s almost like there’s a 6 second timeout somewhere; I just ran time wget https://<my-netlify-site>.com 10 times:


Anyone else seeing something similar?

Hmm, my sites either load immediately or not at all.

let us know if this is affected/improved by your call with Frontier/new settings, greg? seems like there are a couple different strings each attached to different parts and we’re trying to keep things straight :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, we have some great news :tada:

We have tested & rolled out a fix for these issues.

More information here:

Please feel free to discuss on that thread, I will close this one (and others) so to contain the conversation a bit more. Thank you all for your patience :pray: