Site transferred but now I can't send or receive messages from google email

Hello, I’ve been dealing with an issue for the last 5 hours and so far have been unsuccessful. I transferred over a clients website from godaddy to netlify and as far as I’m aware I copied all DNS settings correctly. I finally got the website up however the emails which were purchased off of google are not working despite it working before the transfer. Google domains are weird with the whole squarespace migration which might have to do with the issue here but I would think the solution would have been somewhere in the old godaddy DNS settings. Would appreciate any help on this!

Current settings:

old godaddy settings:

Update: I replaced the 5 mx files with this and it seems to be working now. It seems like I had to create new mx records for netlify to point to. I don’t understand it (I would love to if someone could explain it) but I guess a win is a win.

The original MX records look fine. The CNAME for needs removing and the SPF TXT record is overly complex.

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