Site randomly stopped working despite no changes made, but only in certain areas

I’ve created a simple static site that’s deploying off of a GitHub repo. No changes were made to DNS or domain, but devices in my area (I’ve had a couple of my neighboring friends check the site too) displays a blank page with the title being “This site is under development”. See attached:

Those that I had check that are outside my area has a fully responsive site. Let me know if it works for you:

This isn’t the first time that it happened. A week ago one of my friends that lives ~20 miles away from me said that the site didn’t work for her while it worked for me.

There are no errors in the deploy logs, and the custom domain settings don’t indicate an error with the DNS. The default Netlify link works as well:

I’ve contacted the company that I bought my domain from, and they told me that the domain name servers are pointed to the host and that it may be a caching issue on Netlify’s end. There’s apparently nothing they could do and the site with custom domain did work for them.

Does anyone know why this keeps happening periodically? What could fix this?

Hey @tritam

If I go to I see the same thing as, however if I go to I see the This site is under development message.

The issue resides with the DNS configuration for

As is using external DNS (as opposed to Netlify DNS) you need to follow the Configure external DNS for a custom domain which requires that the apex ( is pointed to the Netlify load balancer, and the www subdomain is pointed to the Netlify site (