Site often reported as down

Every time we put up a new page (, people often report that the link doesn’t work for them. Got any pointers as to why this might be the case?

hi there,

this is what I am currently seeing:

Some questions - is there any pattern to this behaviour you are describing? when the site is seemingly unavailable, are there any error messages? are the people who are viewing the site using one specific browser or ISP, even?

It’s a bit tricky to say without more details (which doesn’t mean we don’t believe you). Are you able to reproduce this error?

Thanks @perry!

which doesn’t mean we don’t believe you

Ha! Totally fine… I realize I’ve posted a bit of a vague message.

The most I can reproduce and identify as a pattern is when we first deploy a change. Some people see it fine, while others don’t. I suspect it might be a propagation issue, but not really sure about that at all.

ok, that helps narrow it down.

Do the people who don’t see the change at first see it eventually? If no, never, then that is a different problem than if the answer is “yes, after x amount of time”

It could be a propagation issue. Are all the people who are reporting seeing a stale site in the same geographic region?

If it is indeed staleness, that’s something we can maybe look in to if we had the x-nf-request-id (see below) supplied by someone who is seeing a stale page. Then, we can check and see which node is serving that content. If you can arrange a way for us to get that, along with the x-nf-request-id of a up-to-date version of the site, then we can investigate.

But, it could also be a problem with the way the people have set up their browser cache or local network that are seeing the stale site, which isn’t something we can fix.

Let me know what you think.

I run into this situation a lot with my WordPress installs, which have something like half a dozen caches running, in addition to whatever browser and ISP cache my visitors have.

One thing I would suggest is using a service such as GTMetrix or BrowserStack to view your website through “remote eyes” to see what the rest of the world is seeing.

YMMV, but I often find that issues such as this mean that the visitor is temporarily in cache hell.

Thanks for all of this, @perry and @gregraven!

Do the people who don’t see the change at first see it eventually? If no, never, then that is a different problem than if the answer is “yes, after x amount of time”

Gotcha. The answer seems to be “yes, after x amount of time.” So, sounds like an individual problem then?

Hi danmall, I can’t possibly say without more information - it depends on a lot of different factors. If we are able to establish a pattern between who is seeing an old version and who is seeing a new (are they all in the same geographic area? If yes, it could possibly be a problem with that node - athough, we would expect to see a pile of reports on that from many users at the same time).

That’s why we need to those x-nf-request-ids. Your best bet is to try and capture the information if/when this issue happens again and let us know. Sorry I can’t be of more help at the moment.

I am having a similar issue with our site being stale. I redeployed on Friday, and had the best version - communicated to our users and all was good. Now, this morning, not only are we showing a stale version of the site (with data we DO NOT want out in public) but I also can’t get it to pickup any new changes.

hi @ccoffman - can you tell me the netlify site in question (or, if you don’t want to share the site name, please share the API ID, which isn’t useful for anyone who is not a Netlify admin)

if you have a custom domain pointing to the site, does this problem happen with the custom domain or also when people are accessing your site via your netlify url (ex:

if it just through the custom domain, it might be something to do with your dns. If it also happens through the netlify url, some other problem might be the root cause.