Site not working properly when using custom name (index.html works, other html dont)

When I launch the site Countries of the world (6207b6e830f04fda547398f8– it works as expected (clicking either on the world map or on the search button will bring you to a search page (search.html)

If, on the other hand, I access the site by the name given ( Countries of the world ( ) then the index.html will load properly but clicking on the world map or on the search button will return a 404 for the search.html.

How do I solve this so it works for the name?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @NoSkillzDad,

It appears that all pages are working. Have you resolved this?

I concur with the previous post @NoSkillzDad, both versions of the site work the same for me.

actually yes but still dont understand how. :confused:

If I trigger a “clear cache and deploy now” for a production it stops working. The one working now was a “Deploy preview” built automatically. I just locked the site to it but as soon as I go back to production it stops working.

I could switch it back if needed just for others to see.


thanks for checking back. I’ve included details on a previous reply and dont want to double post.