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Site not updating on name.netlify.app url after build

Netlify automatically deploy and publishing my site when pushed changes to github. but changes are not reflecting in site joshig.netlify.app. but changes reflects in browser incognito mode , changes reflects in this preview site https://61dfa8b6b9323fb6f07c7728--joshig.netlify.app/ and also changes reflects if i open site in other browser first time.
I tried with delete browser cache and cookies but it not working.
The site not updating in the browser from first time open in the browser

Hi @Joshig99

I definitely see two different version of your site on the URLs provided.

Do you have auto-publishing turned on? This is indicated by a button at the top of the Deploys page (https://app.netlify.com/sites/joshig/deploys) which will says Start auto publishing and a lock icon next to the current deploy. e.g