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Site not updating (new user)

Hi team,

I’ve been making lots of changes recently to our site (https://onerahifootball.club/) which were going well, then all of a sudden the changes aren’t deploying. For example I’ve updated the “Short text” section multiple times, trying to just get it to show the changes and nothing is happening. I tried a generic “max width” change also just as a test and nothing. Nothing has changed in terms of the way that I have been making the changes :frowning:

Sounds like your builds are failing. Check the deploys tab of your site, the deploy log might give some insight as to why this is happening.

Thank you for your help. I’m very new to this so my terminology may have been wrong. My commits aren’t showing, I can’t find any deploys tab (again this could be me being new and missing it) but in the github side i can’t see any issues anywhere, and the commits section shows there was heaps of updates and then they dropped right off. Thanks again!

Hi @RiseElectric

You can find the deploys for your site at

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Thanks! I see it now

great, and did that help you figure out what is going on? We’ll only autopublish your commits at your production URL, if:

  • the build succeeds
  • they are commits on (or merges into) your production branch, set on the deploy settings screen of your site
  • you have auto-publishing enabled

Yep! Found the error and corrected it. Thanks so much guys, looks like changes are going through again

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