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Site not showing image - nextjs

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Hi guys,

I’m having problem on redering one image, I’m using next js and the tag was the from next, I have other images in the same folder and also with the same tag and size, but only this one is not showing up…

It’s working on the local build.

The site is builded at: https://site-system.netlify.app/


Also got 502 on console.

Hey there, @gabriel7751535 :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums, and thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you are encountering a hurdle. Have you seen this information on our repo about image handling? Additionally, this thread works through images returning 502s with nextjs on Netlify.

Let me know if either of those resources get you unstuck. If they do not help, please respond with your github repo as well as your most recent deploy log? Thank you!

Followed the step by step on the other thread but still got the error, the most strange part is that only one image is getting this error, I tried compressing it, change the name, folder and everything but nothing happened…

The other thread suggested to npm install netlify before deploying…


Hi @gabriel7751535

The following error is returned:

  "errorMessage": "2021-08-06T13:21:43.381Z
        Task timed out after 10.01 seconds"

So what is happening is the function that transforms/serves the image is not finishing within the 10 second execution limit (as mentioned here.)

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