Site not respond after try to download the file

Hello Netlify, thanks for your hard works!
I used Hugo and git workflow to create site.
I have a question: why site not respond some time when i try to download file from the site?
Page with files:
What i tryed:

Hi @allkhor - first off, what a cool looking site and a nice idea!

I tried loading this on my current machine (windows 10, chrome) and all files on that page load flawlessly. Can you confirm that you are still having this issue?

@perry thanks for the kind words!
Yeap, issues is here, tested on phone with 4g and from PC and different OS and browsers.
First download started as expected and if i canceled it or download it, site not respond about 2 minutes for current IP.
I tried used FriGate proxy service and switched to different country’s for test purposes: site is up or down for every one when download started. And if i download from Spain, site not respond only for this IP some time, about 2 minutes or less. But if i start download from one ip and switch to another site is work.

Hmm, my screen doesn’t look like yours when I browse that URL, so I don’t seem to have the list of downloads to choose from, as shown below. Did you change the functionality so downloads aren’t shown there anymore?

@fool, sorry by default downloads hidden, please click on the button.
Thanks for your attention!

Thanks! Perry and I both tried to reproduce that and it seems to work fine for us - we can have two downloads running in parallel, the site still works, etc. Could you send us a har file of the failure in your browser?

Maybe this video can help:
Har file.

Thanks - we’ve been able to see in your videos what you are talkin about, but we are still unable to reproduce despite several attempts on several different computers, OS’s, and networks. Your har file does not include any information about the downloads (working or not), unfortunately, so no more information was presented there.

What browser do you use? Maybe it doesn’t support multiple simultaneous downloads? Do other browsers show the same behavior on your computer? Your network is also very slow from that movie, so maybe it has bottlenecks, not sure. But I can download 2 of those simultaneously even with my network throttled down fairly far, and we do need to be able to see more than a picture of the problem to troubleshoot.

I tested on Linux Xubuntu 16.04, Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Android 5.1, 9, with browser Chrome 76.0.3809.132, Firefox 68.0.2 (64-bit), Android default browser. From different networks but from one country Kazakhstan. I only experience this behavior with this site. I though we can’t do more, because i don’t know what cause this behavior and you can’t reproduce this. Thanks for reply and your time!

sorry we couldn’t do more to help with this, @allkhor - if you get more information on what is happening here, please feel free to come back and post again.