Site not loading from a specific IP

We are trying to access one of our sites (I can share the site URL in a Private DM as it’s protected/sensitive site)

However, 1 IP in particular: is being problematic with this site. The site sometimes won’t load at all from this IP address. It goes down for at least 15 minutes in a 1 hour period.

Can you please investigate and let us know what is going on and why the site becomes unavailable from this IP address?

Happy to share the site URL privately.

As you are a paying customer, you can contact support on this page: Support

Select “Everything Else” for the topic.

From a quick look, I do see some traffic to your website from this IP address. The support team may be able to look deeper into the issue if the root cause is related to Netlify or your website setup and not to that user’s internet service provider or local network.

We’ve responded to your ticket in the helpdesk, feel free to follow up with any questions there

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