Site not accessible on all machines - DNS Issue?

Site Name: https:/

This is probably a DNS Issue. The site is accessible on some machines and not others. I set up the name servers on namecheap and waited 48 hours. The site is accessible on my phone, but not my desktop. A friend of mine in Memphis says he can view the site. This sounds like a propagation error to me, but it’s been 48 hours.

This is after having a friend try to set it up on his account and failing. I had him delete the DNS zone from his account and everything, deleted the name servers on his NameCheap account, and then added the ones from my Netlify account. Currently on my desktop, it’ll point me to the default NameCheap page saying it’s been registered with them.

I see no issue with the domain in configuration or propagation.

Are you still experiencing issues?

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Hey dig, yeah, it’s working now. I’ll just be a little more patient in the future. Waited an additional 24 hours and it resolved itself. Response is appreciated.

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Glad to hear all is resolved! Propagation can take up to 24 hours so this seems like it was your issue.