Site loosing content after changing domain name

Website name:
Custom Domain:

I am having issues after I change the domain of the website. When I deploy, everything looks perfect. But after I change the domain - even with netlify or adding my rbind domain - the top banner of the website disappears.

The banner comes from a .md files called hero. I am using Hugo to deploy my website, and the academic template.

Any idea about what is going on?


Your custom domain doesn’t exist. It doesn’t resolve. Error: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. Maybe there’s a typo?

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Sorry. Already fixed. It is

Hey @venturat Welcome to Netlify Community!

I’m struggling to understand what is specifically the issue here since your custom domain ( isn’t working… see below.

Is this what you are seeking help with or the banner issue, I can link resources that may help you for both :slight_smile:

Banner issue likely due to capitalization error in file

And it looks like you’ve resolved the DNS issue, just wait for it to propagate and all should be good. :slight_smile:


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I’m not very sure of what we’re calling the banner here. I’m considering the top white area.

So, the background image is not visible because your website doesn’t have HTTPS yet. And in the background image URL, you’ve included the HTTPS version:

I guess it would work fine when your website has HTTPS. If you want to make it work regardless of SSL, you should use relative URL, so something like /media/banner.jpg, on in Hugo, it would be done using .RelPermalink instead of Permalink.

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@kylesloper the second link that they provided seems to work.

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My bad, I wrote that comment 2 hours ago and forgot to post it, hope some of it is helpful.

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Thank you!! Yes, the banner is the top image on the website.

If I understood correctly, I now see “Waiting on DNS propagation” on netlify, so after all the changes are propagated, I will have access to the htpps, and the banned should work fine? Or there is something else I should do?

Thank you, again!

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Yes, it should work. If it doesn’t I’ll be happy to take another look. Just let us know.


hey! the website is still without the https and the message " Waiting on DNS propagation".

This is what I have in my CNAME:

“fgv-intro-css.tiagoventura CNAME”

And when I run:

curl -s -v 2>&1 | grep Server

I get: server:cloudfare.

Should I keep waiting to propagate or is it something wrong?


Something wrong :slight_smile:

The CNAME is not pointing to your Netlify site:

% host -t CNAME has no CNAME record

It’s possible that cannot support sub-subdomains- maybe would work better?

Hey! Thanks for the reply. is already my personal website. I am creating a new site with a class I am teaching, and doing this trick with my website name.

Gotcha! In that case, you’ll want to touch base with the folks at to see why there is no CNAME record pointing to your Netlify site from your sub-subdomain. If they get that set up and there are still issues, please come back and let us know!