Site launched successfully but won't display on some devices


I recently completed the deployment and hosting of my site or
Everything appears to work just fine, except it won’t display on some peoples devices. I called a couple of friends to try it out for testing purposes and they reported a blank page when they visited
Is there any reason why it’ll work perfectly on some devices but wont on others?
By the way, I checked different browsers and I asked them to do the same, but the result has been the same.

Help pls

If there’s no consistency in the error, I am not sure how we can help. As far as I’m concerned, your website loads fine.

Maybe you can tell your friends to try different browsers/networks/ use VPNs, etc. This would help us narrow it down.

As for consistency, the same people who had the error have tried different browsers, they’re on mobile and I know for sure that they don’t have any vpn service on.
But thanks tho, I see about them using different networks

Ideally, it would be better if you could get access of the device that it’s not working on and see what exactly is happening, maybe something is failing to load, or the console is showing some error. In most cases, this should not happen from Netlify’s end, but without any real information, it’s hard to say.