Site it's not beign updated for some users

I recently uploaded some changes to a vuepress site at and I have this strange behavior which shows the new site with all the latest changes for some users, but for others, it keeps showing the old version of the site.

Already tried changing the cache settings in the netlify.toml file but it didn’t work.

But if I create a new site from the same repo, all the users can see the new site.

Thank you in advance.

Hiya, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I wanted to touch base to see if people are still reporting this issue for your site or if it resolved itself? It’s possible that users will need to refresh the page or clear the browser cache on their end.

This is what I’m seeing, does that look like the right version?


That screenshot it’s showing a old version of the site, also in the footer it should show an instagram link and a button that says “BOOK AN EVENT”.

We already tried using incognito mode and different web browsers (chrome, opera, firefox), but it keeps showing the latest version for some users and that version for others.

Ah, gotcha! I didn’t include it initially but I’ve now dropped in a screenshot of the footer so you can compare:

Next steps for troubleshooting would be for you to get the x-nf-request-id header from a user who’s seeing the old site as well as from a user who’s seeing the new site. Here are steps for getting that:

That’ll help us trace the request and learn more about what may be going on.

I think we can close this.

It was an issue with a custom config in the host file from some of the users.


great. glad it’s working!