Site is returning 503

Hi there - we’re noticing that every day around 25 hits (some days more) to our Netlify site is returning 503 service unavailable. Apparently it’s enough for Google to complain that our site is unreliable and not working and hence blocking us from some of their services. Our site is built on Gatsby.

I’m not sure how to resolve this issue.

I’m also hesitant to write our site name here in a public forum. But I’m assuming this is a pretty common issue and looking for general help on this issue. Thank you!


Are you still seeing this issue? It could be related to what others were seeing this week and it has since been resolved.

Hi @hrishikesh - it does still happen every day but varies between ~10 - 25 times. Is this expected?

It’s not expected. Could you share some site identifying info? Deploy ID perhaps?

Hi @hrishikesh - is it possible to email with you instead of writing it on this forum?

hi there girlbot, we generally discourage PMs and we don’t offer email based support for customers unless they are Pro tier or above, i’m afraid.

I have unlisted this thread so it cannot be found by searching the forums and it isn’t visible to anyone without a staff account or the direct URL for more privacy for you.

Hi @perry - I actually do have a pro tier account. I could just open a support ticket and email Netlify - but I found that every time I did that in the past, it would take 1-2 weeks for someone to reply each time.

Ok. You can proceed however you’d like, but one way or another, we need your sitename.

If you want to open a ticket and include the number (which will be in the email response our helpdesk sends), we can get the ID from there, but at this point our help is only being slowed down by you not providing the information we asked for, yet, so feel free to proceed in whatever way meets your standards and we’ll try to accommodate, though obviously it will be far faster if you give us as much as information as you can.

Hi @fool - Ok, this is my site ID: ae7ddff6-ca73-4e81-aeea-91796d230f2a

So in the last day, there was 33 total 503 being returned from netlify.

I checked our internal logs and I don’t see a single asset being served with a status code over 499 for that site in the past 7 days.

To confirm, here’s a report with the top status codes served for your site in the same time period:


None of them seem to be a server-side error. Do you have a HAR file or a x-nf-request-id header with the error?