Site is down (hosted in Sydney)

is you server at Azure Sydney down? cant access our sites:

Both sites were up around 3PM New Zealand Time but both also went down maybe starting 4PM New Zealand Time.

checked both and but there are no reports today about outage, may you please check?

Kind regards.

Hi, @heg-svcProntoCustome, we don’t have any CDN nodes using Azure in Sydney but we do have CDN nodes with other cloud providers in that area.

I checked traffic for those nodes and I don’t see any issues.

It would help to know more about the nature of the issue. For example, the following details would be helpful:

  • What was the error? Was it a 404 not found or some other error?
  • It if was a DNS issue, what DNS resolver was used? What were the query and answer?

If you are reaching the site but getting an error (not a DNS error) the x-nf-request-id header for the request with the error would be the best thing to help us troubleshoot. There is more about how to find that in this support guide.

We look forward to getting more details about the issue and please let us know there are questions for us.