[site] is already registered

I change my site johndigirolamo.me to point to a new repo, but it was still caching the old site so I deleted it to start anew. However, I think I messed up not removing the DNSs and now I can’t use my domain anymore.

Here’s the error: “johndigirolamo.me is already registered. If you registered this domain name through a different registrar, select Add domain to add it to your site. You can configure Netlify DNS for this domain later.”

The site is currently: johndigirolamo.netlify.app

Also, moving forward, how do I fix the caching issue? The page was flickering trying to load both versions for insight.


This is not an issue, it is simply informing you the domain is registered, because the alternative is to register a domain through Netlify. You can go ahead add the domain.

Without seeing the issue you are describing it is hard to give any advice. If you still have issues after the domain is configured, please open a new thread so the community can help assist you with it.


Thank you! I don’t know why I didn’t think the “add domain” button wasn’t clickable from there. It seems to have resolved the caching issue as well!