Site Fully Deployed - Cannot Access Pages Beyond Homepage

Hi y’all,

I am attempting to troubleshoot and issue I am having with this deploy.

You can view the git repo that the site is being built from here. This is a React application using Firebase for data storage and Google OAuth. I made sure to include my API key and other environment variables when creating the deploy as well.

As you should be able to see, the homepage works fine both whether logged in or not but when attempting access any other section of the site a 404 Page Not Found error is returned. I can see in the URL that the path is properly indicating the location of the route as defined in my React Router component however it refuses to load.

I have deployed several other React applications similar to this using Netlify and have never encountered a similar issue. Hoping that y’all can help provide some insight into why this may be occurring and what I can do to fix it.

Thanks for your time!

Hey there, @michaelpfohl :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! :netliconfetti: This is a great question.

Have you read this Support Guide about Page Not Found errors? This is a great place to start. Walk through the steps in this guide and then let me know if you’re still encountering this obstacle.

Hey @hillary, thanks for responding.

I worked through the steps in that guide before making this post and it does not appear to be really helpful for the situation I am facing as my deploy does in fact have an index.html that is being served and is viewable, the problems happens whenever a user attempts to access any part of the site besides that initial landing page of the index.html.

Hi, @michaelpfohl. It sounds like this is a Single Page Application (SPA). If so, there is a special redirect rule required so the site javascript can handle all the client side routing:

/*    /index.html   200

We have a support guide which explains this in more detail here:

Please let us know if there are other questions or if the solution in that guide doesn’t resolve the issue.

This worked! Thank you so much for your help, great info to have for in the future as well.