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Site fails to deploy, and ([ERROR] Deploy logs are currently unavailable)

I have a new react app that I’m trying to deploy from github. This app uses webpack and all the usual stuff, and I have my build command in package.json:
"build": "webpack --config webpack/webpack.config.js --env env=prod",

I also defined the netlify.toml like this
NODE_VERSION = “14.17.0”
NPM_VERSION = “7.15.1”
NPM_FLAGS = “–legacy-peer-deps”

and my deploy settings like this:

Base directory: .
Build command: npm run build
Publish directory: ./build
Deploy log visibility: Logs are public
Builds: Active

However, the deploy keeps failing (I’ve tried different configurations), but I keep "Failed during stage ‘building site’. Build script returned non-zero exit code 2.

This isn’t my first netlify site, so normally I’d try and troubleshooting it first, but I also don’t get any deploy logs, and the only message I get is this

6:32:19 PM: [ERROR] Deploy logs are currently unavailable. We are working on resolving the issue.

Your status page doesn’t show any issues, and I’ve been trying to fix this since yesterday, but I couldn’t get the deploy logs to show up so I can troubleshoot further.

I looked into the browser console (I also tried on 2 different browsers), and I can see that at least 2 API calls fail in the network with a status code of 412.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks

Hi @abbathaw,

I’m assuming, the website in question is stoic-visvesvaraya-908544.

I can see the build logs just fine. Is it possible you’ve some browser extensions that might be the problem?

Your deploys are failing because of:

Webopack is not found.

You’ve listed Webpack in devDependencies. Moving that (or all) to dependencies should fix the issue.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. And the suggested solution.

I’ve tried viewing them in a different browser and also incognito. I’ve also tried using a VPN but it didn’t work. I noticed I cant see my other websites logs too. The only change is that I’m currently traveling in a different country (Yemen). Is there a geo restriction on the logs, because some API call for permission returns 404 and the other ones from firebaseio return 412.

Hi hrishikesh
Update… ok after using a better VPN I was able to view the deploy logs.

Now my question is why are the logs being blocked in Yemen? :joy:


No we haven’t applied any blocks on our end on Yemen users. There might be a different cause like some ISP related issue or or some local configurations or something different altogether.

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