Site dosnt open on cellular

my website stopped working on cellular connection but is working on wifi for mobile devices.
I have no clue what to look for in this
pls help

@machshanhashachar You should try other connections/vpn etc, as it’s more likely to be an issue with your network/provider/ISP than Netlify.

If you do pinpoint it as that, then you could try contacting whoever provides you that cellular connection.

hi :slight_smile:
I’ve deployed the site and I have around 150 active members per day. around 1/2 of them are having troubles opening the website with their cellular connection.
this is why I thought it might be related to netlify

What is the site @machshanhashachar? If you are using a custom domain, what is the domain?

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It could very well be related to Netlify, since they are a part of the equation, but instead of raising it and hoping for a solution from the other side, you can still do some testing yourself to try and pin things down.

Is there any commonality between the people reporting the issues?

Are they reporting problems via only cellular networks?
Are they using the same cellular provider?
Are they all in the same geographic location, if so where on the planet is it?

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