Site doesn't appear to be served by Netlify?


I suddenly got the message that the site can’t check the DNS connection anymore even I did not change anything.

fradevjobs_de doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify

(posted here with an underscore because I don’t want an auto-link to the site)

Tried changing the site name and reconnecting DNS again but still the same problem, although the DNS records are correct.

It worked for years and suddenly broke.

What’s wrong here?

Did the domain expire by any chance? Your domain doesn’t seem to have any records at all.

Strange. It’s still active on Namecheap and using their basic DNS service. It’s not giving me any warnings or errors at all.

Extended the domain in February.

Is there any way for you to reset the DNS of the domain or something like that? Maybe start fresh?

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Thanks. Did switch from basic dns to custom and back on Namecheap after my last post, and now it suddenly works again.

Thanks for helping out.

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