Site deploys fine but when submitting contact, returns "Page Not Found"

Hi Netlify support forum team

My app is built in React and utilising It deploys fine and no issue from what I can see but when I try to submit my contact form following Forms setup | Netlify Docs I get the error “Page Not found”

Checked other docs and sites to make sure I’m doing it right, read and double-checked and followed the advice on [Support Guide] Form problems and [Support Guide] I’ve deployed and everything seems correct. I also have an index.html file when I download a copy of the deployment,

At quite a loss with this one, and read through several other support tickets to see if anyone else is having a similar problem. I must have missed something somewhere.

Worth mentioning if I add data-netlify="true" to my form it’s still there on deploy but switched it for the netlify attr and it’s not there on deployment which is good news, I think?

If someone could take a look at let me know what I’m doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate it.

[Mark Austin | The Scottish Photographer](Link to actual page issue, contact form near footer)

hi there mark,

looks like you have done the basic steps to debug, thank you for that but strange that none of them fixed what you are seeing.

is this a public repo we can check to see if we see anything misconfigured?

Hi, Perry. It wasn’t but I have made it public to debug further, do you require the repo link or are you able to pull it from your DB or admin panel?

Hey @mark-vb-austin,

Looking at:


(in Chrome), I can see that the site is rendered purely using JavaScript.

This has been covered in point 2 under this heading (There are some things you’ll probably want to adjust to suit your tastes:):

What a star, thank you @hrishikesh and @perry for your help. Works perfectly after adding the form to the index file and following the steps in How to Integrate Netlify’s Form Handling in a React App.

Cannot believe I missed point 2 in the Form Problem post that you linked.

Thanks again for your help