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Site deployed sucessfully but still 404

So i attatched my github repo from my boot camp ran npm build and build comes back as okay but the site still doesnt show, any suggestions on what to do next?


Hi @Javitan0309

[Support Guide] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found” walks through common issues/solutions for this type of error. If you are still facing issues, can you link to your git repository?

this is a picture of the build settings and my folder in git hub will link the repository below

because its through github class room its private so im not sure if it will work but hopefully this helps you help me @coelmay

Unfortunately I cannot see the repository.

Looking at the screenshots though, it appears inside the git repository there is a directory my-app. It would appear the code you are working on is inside this directory given I can browse to https://zen-bardeen-10dbf4.netlify.app/my-app/build/.

If you are intending to build locally and have Netlify deploy the locally-built site, set the Publish directory in the build settings to my-app/build.

If you are intending to have Netlify build the React app and deploy (see documentation) you will need to set Base directory to my-app, set Build command to whatever command you use (e.g. npm run build, yarn build), and have the Publish directory set to my-app/build.

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