Site deployed correctly but not updating

Hello, my site name is magenta-torrone-f8e6f8.

I am using 11ty for a static blog, every time I update a file, it deploys, normal right? But when I go to see the changes in the page, I see that there is nothing changed, everything is the same, could you help me to know why my site isn’t updating properly?


Without seeing the site, and the git repository it is deployed from, along with information about what changes you’ve made that you don’t see reflected on the site, it is impossible to say why it isn’t working as you expect.

Please provide the above information and the community will happily assist you.

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the site is ,
and here is the git repo: GitHub - pxrpl/newer-site

I just changed some titles and contents in, added files and the changes do not reflect

And you just deleted everything.

Your recent deploys are not succeeding, @pxrpl:

Thus, no updates.