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Site deployed but getting 404 [Generic title]

Hi, I updated one of my files that were working perfectly fine and started getting a 404 error.
I downloaded my deploy log and the index.html file is present within the zip file. I also changed the upper case letters within my file name and redeployed and I am still getting the error message. It’s perfectly working on my server-side. I have cleared my cache as well. Please let me know what caused the error. Thanks!
git: GitHub - devlatney/portfolio
error: https://yental.net//portfolio/latneyuxresume.pdf

Hey there @devlatney Welcome back to Netlify Forums!

I moved this post to a new thread since it has no real relevance to the OP

For some reason you are referencing the pdf file at /portfolio/latneyuxresume.pdf when latneyuxresume.pdf is at the root of your website. See below

Netlify is deploying your repo as is so there is no need to add the extra /portfolio (the name of your repo)

Hence https://yental.net/latneyuxresume.pdf works :tada:

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, it’s working.
Thank you for your quick response :pray:

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