Site Deploy Put vs Patch - No Difference

Site Name: houseofcandy
I am trying to deploy the site using API. My site has 100+ pages.
If I have to update just 1 page, PATCH should be able to just modify that page and keep rest of pages intact. But, both PUT and PATCH requests are updating the whole site i.e. 99 other pages get deleted.
Every time, I have to call 100+ pages to keep all pages live.
Please help what am I missing.

Hey @intellemo,
It sounds like you’re thinking of Netlify as a remote server where you can add one file at a time to your site. Our architecture is pretty different, though. We first bundle your whole site with all of its assets, and then we send that deploy bundle to our CDN nodes around the world. We call these “atomic deploys” and explain in our docs here:

Want to take a look and let us know if you have other questions?

Hi @jen,

Thanks for sending the article.
Yet, it did not answer my question.
So, if I have to change just 1 page out of 100 pages, what’s the best way to approach it?
Can we batch send 100 file digest and then PATCH only 1 changed html?
Or, we need to batch full 100 file digest and then PUT all 100 htmls too?

I believe you can POST the file digest with all SHAs, including the updated one, and then PUT only the changed file. Let us know if that works for you or if you run into any issues.