Site changes not deployed to live site

I’ve deployed a site using the drag & drop deploy feature. The deploy was uploaded successfully but the live site does not reflect the changes.

I’ve downloaded the contents of the latest deploy from the dashboard and they match the files I uploaded.

How can I force the changes to propagate to the live site.

What’s the URL of the website in question?

They were minor changes such as change a price from £28 to £30.

That’s really strange. Does creating a new site show the same error?

Deploying to a new site works as expected.

I believe that either netlify is not pushing the changes to the live server or the cache is not being invalidated. My money is on an issue with the cache. I believe netlify uses AWS and cloudfront so not sure I can do anything to remedy this issue. I think someone from Netlify would need to look into it.

This generally doesn’t happen. Netlify automatically adds cache control headers. And if it was really a cache issue, I’d have seen the correct version of the website as I loaded it for the first time. I’d assume something else is happening.

Do you by any chance have locked publishing to a deploy or something?

Not locked as far as I can see.

As a test I just locked published then reenabled auto publishing. Uploading a new deploy does not update as it sees the contents as being the same as the last deploy.

Making a subtle change and uploading resulted in the change being detected but the site has still not updated. It seems to be stuck.

Alright, thanks for trying. A support engineer will soon check this for you.

Thanks for your help with this.


@markdicker This custom domain is not served by Netlify. I’m guessing if you fix that, you’ll see your updated site.

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Yeah, totally missed that! That must be it.

@greggraven This is my clients stie that I set up on netlify a little over 12 months ago. I wasn’t aware that anything has changed as I only do ad hoc. work for them.

However they may not be aware it has changed either as they asked me to look at why the site updates weren’t working.

I have raised the issue with them.